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The world of LUSH will never cease to amaze me. Just when I thought I had seen it all with their Cacas , which are lovely alright , but nevertheless mean poop in French, I came across their Lip Scrub. Now I have seen and tried variety of facial scrubs, body scrubs and foot scrubs. But a lip scrub? Despite the various DIY videos and tutorials available on line, neither had i got down to making one for myself nor had I seen one in Indian Market. Lip Balms in plenty yes; lip scrub no.

During my visit to LUSH store in Select City Walk, New Delhi as I was checking out with my haul of Cacas and other goodies for the hair, I saw this enticingly pretty pink little jar with a black top standing at the counter to be tried out. “Lip Scrub” it said and as I tried it , I was totally bowled over by the oh-so-girly colour, sugary and somewhat fruity fragrance and the taste. I don’t know whether I’ll call it bubblegum exactly but whatever it is, I love it. Sucker for anything that appeals to my smell, I promptly picked it up.


LUSH India site sadly still leaves a lot to be desired. The USA and UK sites however have plenty to say about their products. They call this CANDY-FLOSS FLAVORED SUGAR an “ode to all things pink, girly and sugary” and I couldn’t agree more. Apparently a lot like “Snow Fairy Shower Gel” ( I wouldn’t know as I haven’t tried this gel but if it is anything like this lip scrub, I have to !!) this scrub “keeps lips in tip top condition, for kissing, pouting, talking or anything else you wish to do with them. Provides a great base for lipstick, which looks much better on smooth prepared lips.” Hmmm…can’t wait to try it !!

Cheeky and teasing as LUSH is, the jar is careful to point out that the product was “invented” and not simply made by LUSH UK. The list of ingredients- Quantitative Ingredients-Caster Sugar, Organic Jojoba Oil, Methyl Ionone, Flavour, Colour 45410, Colour 45380 and like many LUSH products is Vegan.

“For a flawless pout”,LUSH says,”scrub Bubblegum over your lips (be sure to lick off the excess) and then apply your favorite lip color”. The sugar granules are very fine indeed so there is no real danger of scrubbing too much but still you might want to use on wet lips instead. However one does need to be very careful in handling the scrub as it doesn’t hold well together and just tends to slip out from the fingers. As much as I like the candy floss taste,I’m not so sure about the licking off part…makes me feel bit like a cannibal and a dirty one at that eating up my own dead skin ! I rather put few granules of the scrub straight from the pot in my mouth and wash off or dust off the scrubbed bit. Follow it up with any lip balm and you are ready with baby pink lips.

So do I like and recommend the product? Yup even though at Rs.670 for a little jar it is steeply priced but it does do its job and nicely at that. It’s not something that is a must in one’s beauty regime but if you like a bit of pampering and lush pink lips then it is worth a buy. And when we can dish out a bomb for a good lipstick, why not for this little baby? A small jar will last long. I use it almost every other day and have barely depleted the jar in past 2months. Whether the made at home ones will work as well, I can’t say. But personally I love LUSH and a bit of luxurious pampering so will totally recommend it !

PRICE– Rs 670 for a jar.

Also available in Mint Julip and Sweet Lip Sugar
at all LUSH stores and on line on LUSH site and many other shopping sites.