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                    We are the last of the bra burners. Or at least the last of those radical pioneers who fought for the basic dignity of women- fought with all their might without any ulterior motives or hidden agendas. Did they have any inkling that the cause which they held so close to their hearts, would one day fall prey to vested self interests and narrow dogmas? Were they even remotely aware that the “woman vs man”, the “us vs them” schism that they tried so hard to eliminate and not simply reduce,would end up instead being widened by this movement of theirs? That their own little baby would one day end up devouring what gave it birth?

                      Most likely not. For if they did, would they have served to perpetrate that very inequality that they fought so hard against? Yes a lot still needs to be done to improve the lot of women who are more vulnerable. But is that to be at the cost of the other half of the human race? In our search for betterment, must we crush others howsoever we can? Isn’t it time for gender neutral humanists instead who stand up and fight for the race of homeo sapiens lest humanity itself dies a slow painful death?                            

                        Yes we are the last of the bra burners. We have outlived our utility. Let us take our bows gracefully and make way for the egalitarian humanists instead.