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                                   I have been driving since my college days, which means almost since 15-18 years. And I think I’m a reasonably good driver. Having been taught to reverse and park an Ambassador, I can park with relative ease though parallel parking remains a bit of a challenge. I am aware that the car’s body extends beyond the seat I am sitting on and that there are others on the road I need to watch out for. Basically I think I fare quite well as far as most complaints against women drivers go. And yes I will straighten my hair or touch up my lipstick at a red signal but that does not make me a bad driver any more than talking on the phone at a red signal does.

                 Yet driving does not come as easily to me as it does to the men around me- my hubby, brother or male friends. I will think twice before driving out in peak rush hour traffic and about where and with how much ease I’ll be able to park in a particular market. I will take my time in overtaking a vehicle as also before crossing a busy intersection.Ask me anything about a car’s make or technical specifications, I’ll draw a blank. Often my 7 year old does a better job of telling an i20 apart from a Chevrolet UVA. And the best part, I don’t care! Just like I don’t care about my smart phone’s technical specifications or about the laptop’s memory. As long as my needs are met, why open another battlefront I reason. It’s not that I can’t grasp the nitty gritty of it; I just don’t want to. As it is my day is pretty full with multi tasking at various levels- why add more? But though I don’t care about getting into details of the gizmos, gadgets or the wheels we ride, I would like to know about them to the extent they affect me. So here is a section devoted to all these cars and gadgetry – Let us talk about the cars, the lappies, and the smart and not so smart phone, not as a techie freak but as they matter to us.