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When I made the category called “Cinderella” on my blog, I kept wondering whether I will have any posts in it precisely because of this Cinderella effect – everything that you use to enhance or compliment your beauty loses effect sooner than you would like it to and you are back to being the cinder girl way before midnight. True no product can have a transforming affect but pray, at least last while the music does!

         I have been struggling with a blemished skin ever since I remember making me wonder if I was not in fact born with one. And believe you me, I have tried a host of products to fight the dark spots, age spots, acne marks etc etc. From Garnier with it’s Dalmatian ads, to Olay to the upmarket Clinique Dark Spot Corrector (not the Even Better range though) I’ve pretty much tried everything. The best result I got was from Clinique but that too a marginal difference after about 6months of regular use. Needless to say, I was quite sceptical about TVAM Anti Freckle Face Pack and the Fairness Lotion. But old habits die hard and I bought them anyways.

             TVAM, I must point out, was an accidental discovery courtesy Urban Touch. I had neither heard of nor seen the brand anywhere. I came across it while looking at hair colour section of Urban Touch and their Indigo powder intrigued me. I have already reviewed their Natural Henna and Indigo earlier. From there I went on to try the Henna Extra Conditioning Shampoo and Aloe Vera and Henna Conditioner. Rest as they say is history.

        I ordered both Anti Freckle Face Pack and the Sandalwood Fairness Lotion together as to my mind they complement each other. TVAM however does not market them so. I am pretty much against all fairness creams or lotions- I just don’t understand this Indian obsession with “gori chamdi”! The reason why I ordered the Fairness Lotion was that it claims to “reduce the action of black melanin in the skin without changing the skin’s natural balance”. Seemed like it would help out with my dark spots problem. Since I ordered the 2 products together and have been using them together ever since, I’m talking about them together here.DSC07530

      First the Anti Freckle Face Pack. It’s a 150 gram tub style packing with the trademark TVAM jute string around the neck. It is a very fine, light pink coloured powder with a mild pleasing fragrance that is not too overpowering. The ingredient list reads as “Seaweed Extract, Mint, Clove, Papaya seeds, Calamine, Seafoam, Majishta, Suhaga, Chironji & Fuller’s Earth.” The instructions tell you to make a fine paste with water, rose water, cucumber water or milk depending on your skin type.  Since I have an oily skin, I have been using rose water or just water. The powder mixes very easily to give a smooth paste which is to be applied on clean face and allowed to dry. Thereafter you wash it off and follow up with any cream or lotion. I have been using the pack almost twice or thrice a week and following it up with the Fairness Lotion. Although I have an oily skin, but in the harsh winters my skin feels stretched despite the lotion and I have been using LUSH Imperialis on top.

         Now about what I call the “Cinderella effect” – the very clean, fresh feel and look that you get immediately after a pack is great but obviously cannot last forever. However what is important is that it has made a visible difference in my dark spots and evened out the skin tone. The light ones have almost faded while the big ones have considerably diminished and that too in just about a month of regular usage. TVAM’s claim that it “Penetrates deep into the skin layer to activate metabolism of melanocytes, treats and dissolves pigments and lightens skin texture” seem to hold true.

        Now the TVAM Fairness Lotion ( Sandalwood). Let me start with the downside- the packaging. It comes in two sizes and I bought the 200ml bottle. The bottle is a standard one with threaded screw top and a stopper inside. But considering the runny consistency of the lotion, it would be better if it had what is called a disc top cap like all shampoo bottles do or even a lotion pump. I ended up spilling it a number of times and finally shifted it to bottle with disc top.  Coming to the ingredients, they are all natural and straight after my heart- “Sandalwood, Saffron, Aloe Vera, European Liquorice, Cucumber, Zinc Ore, Lotion Base Q.S.It has a very light pleasing fragrance, a mix of sandal and saffron I think. It’s quite on the runny side. The good thing about this  is that a little goes a long way but on the flip side, it tends to run off your palm very easily. I have been using it twice a day, gently massaging it in. Despite my oily skin, it does leave my skin feeling a bit tight specially when I use it after the face pack. I follow it up with LUSH Imperialis . Those with a dry skin will definitely need a good moisturiser after it. For me, it just might be too greasy in the sordid Indian summers! Sigh…my perennial skin problems! But as of now, this along with the anti freckle face pack are going well in sorting out my skin issues.

         So let me just wind up with a quick overview.


  • It works- at least for me it does lightening the most stubborn of dark spots. A flawless skin with a peaches and creams complexion is out of the question for me – never had one! Nevertheless, the skin definitely feels and looks cleaner and even toned.
  • The face pack powder is very fine, mixes well and spreads easily too. Even the lotion smells pleasant.
  • Very little quantity of both is needed..a little does goes a long way. A month of regular use and I have barely used a quarter of both products.


  • Packaging of the lotion is not very user friendly and can be improved.
  • Expensive- At Rs 885/- for the pack and Rs 1023/- for the lotion (200ml) it is definitely expensive. TVAM however has a Valentine’s Day Sale going on (http://www.tvamnaturals.com/) wherein they are giving flat 20% off on all products.


Price Anti Freckle Face Pack (150g) – Rs 885/-

             Fairness lotion (Sandalwood)- 200ml Rs 1023/-


Available atwww.tvamnaturals.coand many other on line shopping sites