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toothy tabs

        Habit is a great deadener believed the existentialists. Probably this is what LUSH had in mind when they started breaking practically every known habit in the beauty world- solid blocks of henna; solid oil bar; solid shampoos and conditioners and the last of the discoveries for me – toothpaste tablets. Yeah you heard it right – toothpaste in solid tablet form!

            Intrigued though I was, in all honesty, I had no intentions whatsoever of buying a toothpaste/tooth tablet for Rs 420/- (this is what Aquatic Toothy Tab costs). With our good old Colgate priced at approx Rs 80-Rs 90 for 150 gram, this was quite a waste to my mind. However, I got lucky and got a packet free. It was one of those very rare occasions when LUSH has some ongoing offer. Toothy Tabs were free with purchase of over Rs 5000/-. I do not get to visit LUSH store often, as there isn’t one in Chandigarh where I stay and even Delhi has one solitary store at Select City Walk. So whenever I do go to the store, the damages end up touching the above mentioned figure or near about and this is how I ended up with a packet of Toothy Tabs in Aquatic flavour.

             LUSH very sardonically announces on the packet itself – “Toothpaste is just a habit”. Perhaps it is. Don’t we all mindlessly start our day with a tube of toothpaste in one hand and a brush in the other? If nothing else, toothy tab will at least make you wake up and take notice of what exactly it is that you are putting in your mouth first thing in the morning.


           The toothy tabs are tablets, about the size of your regular paracetamol tablet. One packet has 40 tablets. You crush one with your teeth into powder and as you start brushing with wet toothbrush, it foams up like a regular toothpaste. That’s about all there is to it. The packaging in trademark LUSH style is minimalistic – Just a cardboard box that slides out of a black cardboard case. You slide out the box, press it open along the perforated line to take out a tablet. The tablets are very chalky- many just turned into powder lying in the box probably due to the moisture. It is a good idea to transfer them to a little air tight container- moisture will ruin them and there is bound to be moisture in the bathroom. They don’t taste particularly great, at least Aquatic doesn’t. Or let me put it this way- after all the Colgates and Close Ups or even the Ayurvedic ones in the market, this is going to take a bit of getting used to. LUSH says it tastes like a “blend of Earl tea with a hint of jasmine flower” for a “seductive smelling breath”…whatever ! The product is vegan and most of the ingredients are “Green” (cream of tartar, glycerine, lime oil, jasmine absolute, organic earl grey leaves, citric acid among others) and safe synthetics (sodium bicarbonate and dicalcium phosphate dihydrate). Considering that one does end up swallowing at least some of the toothpaste, (or is it just me who does that?) this is a good thing. Another plus is that the taste does not linger on in the mouth. Yeah the breath smells fresh and mouth clean but there is no after taste that can interfere with your morning cup of tea or coffee. And yes, the teeth are very clean- almost squeaky clean. It is only LUSH shampoos that leaves my hair with this “squeaky clean” feeling- something you can’t describe, just experience. And so it is with the teeth post toothy tabs- squeaky clean!


  • Innovative concept- makes you wake up and take notice
  • Convenient packaging specially if you are one of those who likes to carry your toothpaste in your hand bag ( why though I can’t help but wonder) In any case it’s great for travelling – no risk of spillage
  • Foams up really well which was a welcome surprise
  • Taste does not linger on in the mouth; fresh breath does
  • Is vegan and most ingredients are natural and safe
  • Packaging is environment friendly


  • Expensive and I mean really expensive! Even if you brush just once a day, one packet of Rs 420/- will last forty days. A standard toothpaste tube costing about Rs 100/-will last about the same time or even more. You do the maths. Of course, if you think you can be saving up on dentist visits and cost of scaling, that’s a different thing. I for one, did not buy it for precisely this reason and am not sure I will again just because of the cost factor
  • Taste takes a bit of getting used
  •  Needs to be stored carefully away from moisture or will just turn into a soggy powder


While LUSH has about 7 flavours  worldwide to choose from – Atomic, Ultra Blast, Breath of God, Sparkle, Dirty Tooth Tabs, Chou Chou…I love You toothy tab ( just love the names!)- few are available in India. Currently the only one visible on LUSH India site is Ultra Blast Toothy Tab at Rs 340/-