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 women n suv


                                          I love women in SUVs… Driving them that is, although sitting prettily and adding glamour to the scene too is fine. But behind the wheel? I think they look amazing, awesome and incredibly hot. How they drive the damned monstrosity, however, is a different matter altogether.

                  My first tryst with a SUV happened about 9 years ago when my hubby owned a Tata Safari. Anyone who is remotely familiar with Tata vehicles knows that they are, or at least were, no dainty darlings. Even the smallest among them, Indica, was way heavier to handle and manoeuvre than any other vehicle in the segment. How a Tata Safari, and that too the first generation Safari, when Tata had yet to make it a wee bit gentle, would feel to my hands accustomed to Maruti brand only, is anyone’s guess. I had to practically stand on the levers to accomplish anything. Be it to accelerate, brake or get to the clutch, I was usually hanging half out of the seat. Changing a gear was as herculean a task…The gearbox was so rigid! And the killer of all? The steering. It was ridiculously light, almost feather touch. Pair the heavy-everything-else with a steering that will respond to breath! Yeah that was sure to help me get my coordination and reflexes right!!

                     However once I had got it reasonably under control, I realised that out on the roads, it was pretty much a walk over! Not literally but, it was almost as if I owned the roads. As it is, most people have a strange mentality of making way for or even following traffic rules only when the other vehicle is much bigger than the one they are in. For the rest, smaller vehicles, they seem to think it’s perfectly okay to mow them over. But what happens when the other vehicle is a veritable monster and the driver behind the wheel is a woman? You run, you make way, you go off roading on city roads if need be- you do everything you possibly can to stay out of her way.What a treat that is! Do I not need to elaborate? No incessant honking, no attempts at overtaking you recklessly, no snide comments about women drivers…you are pretty much the queen of the road! A woman driving a small vehicle is a sitting duck even if she’s a better driver than most men are. But a woman in a SUV…all run as if it’s the Furies after them and I love it!

                   Perhaps having control of the roads is not the best reason to own a SUV but it is a strong pro in their favour all right. With so much being said about safety of women and how men need to respect them, I think ladies can help the men folk in being more deferent towards them, although almost at gun point so to speak, by driving a SUV. Jokes apart, any driver on the roads is likely to be more wary of a SUV than a little car even if the little car is Herby itself a la Beetle. Yeah a Beetle is way cuter than any SUV, style quotient is very high but respect on the roads…nah. Not happening. On the contrary, “the rich spoilt lady with no driving skills” stereotype comes into play. So my advice- ditch the small, go for the big. Size, you see, does matter! And while you are considering terrorising all and sundry on the roads, do consider honing up your driving skills as well. One can play the damsel in distress or terror on the road card only up to a point. Besides, the latter can’t be taken too seriously or exploited to the extent that you get challaned everyday. Though Hon’ble Finance Minister has made SUVs more expensive but he has allocated Rs 1000 Cr to Nirbhaya Fund for women empowerment and has talked of setting up women only banks. May be a loan from these banks will be forthcoming for the purchase of a SUV. After all we will be contributing towards women empowerment and safety. So all the smart ladies with smart phones- be smart and go and get yourself a loan, a SUV and drive well, drive safe.