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femina cover


                    Have you ever thought about the role that destiny, chance, fate-call it what you will- plays in our life? Not simply in the bigger, life altering events alone but the small daily occurrences of our mundane, humdrum existence? A chance meeting with a friend that revives an old relationship; a deal that was practically sealed but slips out of your hand at the last minute; a wrong turn you absent-mindedly take that leads you to a coffee shop you’ve been meaning to visit since ages…all this and so much more. The list is long but I’ll cry a halt before I begin to ominously sound like Deepak Chopra or the like.

               It was a chance encounter that got the Femina in my hand where they talked about the “Made By You” issue. I saw it, thought of sending my pieces and forgot all about it. Until a few days later when a Facebook friend shared the link for “Made By You” issue- Fb does have its uses! And so it was that I sent in some pieces that I had written. A few days later I got a call from an unknown number and though I usually don’t pick them up, I did take this one, absent mind as I was. It was from Urvashi in Femina telling me that they liked my pieces and would like me to write for them. Really? And then she told me about the piece she wanted me to do- profile of someone for the “Women Just Like You” section. Ok so that was a bit of a problem…I don’t like to meet strangers let alone talk to them. I think I’m an introvert but am often told that it’s just a euphemism for being lazy and plain anti social. Either way, let me just say that meeting new people or even talking to them doesn’t make me do cart wheels for joy. So it was with great trepidation that I interacted with Urvashi. Had it not been for her warmth and positive, cheery tone and lot of kicks I got from my kick ass friend Candy, I would not have done it, a quitter and runner that I am. Luckily for me , Rubina , the lady I had to profile from Hollaback!Chandigarh, turned out to be another adorable person and not some bra burning feminist.

          So it is, that almost 2months after the 1st time Femina landed in my hands, here I am, along with 40 other women on the cover of Femina. Cannot thank team Femina, specially Urvashi, and Rubina and my good old buddy Candy enough. Had it not been for you all, I would still be as mad and buried as deep in my attic as ever before. As much as I try to restrain from very personal posts, I just had to thank each one of you and luck, destiny, chance-whatever- for bringing this my way.