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Pop tints

Lakme  announced its new collection of nail and lip colour in March this year – something called “Pop Tints”, which incidentally, it seems, are the hottest colours of the season. Whether the hotness is due to the sexy as hell Kareena or the actual product I can’t say as the product is just about hitting the markets. As an aside, I often wonder whether these “brand ambassadors” actually ever use the product they endorse? Though some stuff in the Lakme Absolute Range is pretty good but will Kareena ever use Lakme- basically won’t anything below Chanel, MAC and the like be infra dig for her? Anyways, the point I was coming to is that until few days ago I kept on thinking that this new range was called “pot pints” and I imagined cute little pots with various tints all lined up at the counters. But no, these are called “Pop tints”.

The instigation behind this post is a mail I received a few days back from a sweet lady asking me if I was a beauty blogger and if I was, asking me to be more regular with  my review of beauty products as she liked what I had to say about the few products that I had reviewed on my blog. Well that I kept on calling “Pop tints” “Pot Pints” for a good 2months should show how clued I am to the fashion and beauty scene. So first things first, no I am not a beauty blogger, not by any stretch of imagination. My “review” of the few products that I have done is more in the nature of sharing something that suited me and helped me in my various wanderings in the dark alleys of beauty and make up. That some found it helpful, I’m glad and will try and do a few more in the coming weeks. But that’s the extent of my beauty blogging.Kareena-nail n lips

After this mail however I did have a look at the profile of some of the beauty bloggers and nah..I don’t fit the bill. Typically, they are 20 something and in their own words, obsessed with makeup, beauty and  the like. As for me, not only am I on the wrong side of 30, I have just recently discovered what “tight lining” the eye means and can’t still accomplish the feat without poking myself in the eye.  I have experimented and still do experiment with various beauty and skin and hair care products but my knowledge base is nowhere near that of these consummate beauty bloggers. As for the hottest colours or trends of the season- neither do I know, nor do I care- never have. I wear whatever I want to – this whole “in” colour or trend thing never made any sense to me. So, pops aside, white and pink have always been my favourites for the summers and continue to be so. Which is not to say that I don’t like pops- ever since Govinda popularised them in the ‘90s and long before big brands and celebrities made them huge, I’ve loved them.

Other than Pops,  the other happening thing on the beauty scene that I’m aware of apparently are the “crayons” that are being launched by practically every brand. No not the crayons children use but something for the lips – Clinique Chubby Sticks and their poor country cousins, Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains and finally Lakme Pop tint crayons. Of course if your child mistakes it for one of his crayons and uses it to colour instead, you can’t blame the poor kid- they all look alarmingly like the traditional crayons. Talk about fancy deceptive packaging! And if you haven’t bought any of these already, don’t bother- Revlon it seems is sold out almost everywhere and Lakme is on its way to same fate as well! Already, you ask? Yup!! That’s beauty and fashion – no place for slow movers like me.

While I do admire all the hard work that goes into beauty blogging, (yes it is hard work- try not only keeping up to date with all the latest launches but also reviewing them with the tiniest of details and best of pictures and you’ll know what I’m talking about) and the good it has done to customers helping them make informed choices, I often wonder whether we are not getting too obsessed with what I’m calling “physical beauty” for want of a better term. No there is no harm in looking good- quite to the contrary I think everyone, women specially, owe it to themselves to look good, not for anyone else but for themselves. But where does one draw the line? When I see school going girls with kajals and kohls, I feel sad. Sunscreen- sure. Deodorant- definitely. But girls barely in their teens with done up eyes and at least a BB cream if not a full fledged foundation? Is there something wrong with me that I think it’s amiss or is there something drastically wrong with the world? I’m not advocating going to school with oiled hair and 2 braids like I did (!!) but what happened to the age of innocence? When did we allow style, fashion and brands creep in so early into our lives? Anyone who has seen the Hindi movie “Student of the Year” will know what I’m talking about. Is that really supposed to be a school? Even if it was shown to be a college, I’d lump it…but school? Really??

I don’t have a daughter. If I did, what would I tell her? Would I let her be fashion, beauty and style conscious in her teens? Or would that be yet another battle front in the mother-daughter relationship? And more importantly, what would be the right thing to do? Peer pressure is not an easy thing to stand up to even at our age let alone the already troublesome teens. How often we have ourselves succumbed to external pressure of looking a particular way or carrying a particular brand? Would it even be fair to not allow a teenage girl to tow the line of her peers? Yes there are more serious questions that Lakme’s Pot Pints has thrown at me than I was ready for. Answers, however, are not as forthcoming.