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G's Ana..vl b back

Yay!! It’s back..good ol’ Grey’s Anatomy that is. Okay  it’s been on air since almost a month now so this post is maybe somewhat late. There is however a reason for it. Unlike its departure, which despite months of warning, seemed abrupt, Grey’s return did not feel like home immediately. For starters, while I am grateful to Zee Cafe for bringing it back, the channel itself leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not HD which after continuous HD viewing makes the screen look a bit blurred. Yeah I should remember the days of disturbed Doordarshan transmissions when one of us would hang on the antenna like a monkey while the other guided this person hanging on the pole from inside- “Move left..no, no. Not so much. Voice is gone..now picture is gone..move back..yeah that’s it” Can anyone recall those days of DD terror? Well I guess I should remember those days and not complain but what can I say? Technology has spoilt me. To top that there was this silly ticker at the bottom of the screen flashing messages from the audience as the aam junta celebrated Grey’s return. Was it just me or did anyone else find that ticker irritating as well? Thankfully it was just for a day. But the long ad breaks are here to stay. Anyways having grumbled and complained enough about Zee Cafe, the fact remains that I am glad it’s back, though I would have been more glad if Star World had brought it back!

After almost a month of Grey coming back to restore sanity to my universe, here I am once again writing about it. So how does it feel to be back at Seattle Grace Mercy West, or Death, as Alex Karev sardonically pointed out? Yeah it feels like home..finally. A home that was taken away from you, and is not exactly as you left it, but is home nevertheless. What with Derek Mc Dreamy zipping around recklessly and all other doctors at various stages of PTSD, I was wondering if Season 6 was going to start on yet another tragic note.

Which brings me to a question that has been bothering me since Season 6 started – isn’t there way too much tragedy in the series? Yes it is based in a hospital and revolves around the lives of surgeons so death and tragedy are inevitable. But I’m talking about their personal lives. Is so much of pain and tragedy really required in the personal lives of these people? I can’t think of a single character whose life is bereft of what often feels like uncalled for tragedy. It’s not only Meredith who has her shares of heartbreaks, what with Derek vacillating between her and Addison ( anyone who knows about the forthcoming seasons also knows that she is headed for more trouble on Derek front apart from her fertility issues) and after a troubled, neglected childhood loses her mother, but all seem like children of misfortune. Not that Derek has had it easy- having had his father shot to death in front of his eyes, growing up in a houseful of sisters, finding your wife cheating with your best friend- not an easy past to let go off undoubtedly. Yang lost her father young and is left stranded on the altar by Burke; Izzie has grown up in a trailer, paid her way through medical school by modelling in lingerie ads, loses the love of her life Denny, is struck by cancer, marries Karev and eventually flee the scene. Karev himself has battled abusive father and a crazy mother. A girlfriend who goes nuts and a wife who deserts him are the cherry on his sundae of woes. Sloan for all his rakish ways and exterior is hit by misfortunes as well, the latest being Callie, pregnant with his child, being in a life threatening accident. Callie herself has weathered an impulsive marriage, a cheating husband, a realisation of her being a lesbian( heterosexual actually), her lesbian partner abandoning her and now when things do seem to be working out for her, albeit in a twisted way, she’s in an awful accident. So it goes on and on and I can carry on recounting each character’s tale of woes ad infinitum. Thankfully I don’t see so much never ending pain, misery and drama in lives of those around me. And to think of it we are just at Season 6 Season 7 right now. Season 10  Season 9 is apparently being aired in USA. By then, I fear half the cast might be knocked off, apparently for no better reason but to give the series required angst and twists.

Do I like it any less for all these tragedies? Strangely, not quite. The mishaps keep me hoping that nothing untoward happens while somewhere in the back of my mind I know that it’s just a matter of time before tragedy strikes yet again. I still love watching the “twisted sisters”, their bonding being something I missed even between Carrie and her friends in “Sex and the City”. Perhaps being face to face with death in its various avatars 24×7 makes us value what we have even more. And when I think of it, this perhaps is the reason that the tragic vein runs throughout the series – as if to reinforce, time and again the “carpe diem” theme that has run in literature since Horace. Yes let us all “seize the day” – that is what Grey’s Anatomy seems to be telling us. And that is what I tell myself- Zee Cafe, for all its shortcoming, will soon stop airing Grey’s Anatomy. So my dear, seize the day and enjoy it while it’s there for who has seen tomorrow – there maybe yet another “One Tree Hill” to suffer!