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So I’ve heard…that the third book in the Bridget Jones series, tentatively titled “Bridget Jones : Mad About the Boy” will be out by October or latest by the year end. The first time I read Bridget Jones was sometime around 1999-2000 and my instinctive reaction was – “Gawd! I can identify with this woman more than what can be considered healthy, sane or safe”. Every time since that I have re-read the book or it’s equally outrageous sequel “ The Edge of Reason”, this feeling has just got strengthened. I may no longer have Bridget’s fear of dying alone and being found 3 weeks later, half eaten by an Alsatian at best or a hyena at worst, but till date she strikes a familiar chord – measuring her life in the weight she gained or lost, calories she consumed or the number of Christmases she has spent in her parent’s house. Bridget is the quintessential woman of today!!

Bridget, rendered perfectly on screen by Renee Zellweger, till date is a class unto herself. With a plot that follows, and at the same time subverts that of the classic “Pride and Prejudice”, this book never fails to cheer me up. Probably one of the first of the so-called “chick-lits”, written in the form of Bridget’s personal diary, these series, with some variations, could very well be the diary of any woman struggling with universal issues that plague us all- career, weight, boyfriend (or the lack thereof), nosey relatives, crazy friends, search for inner poise….. and the list can go on. Armed with self-help books and New Year resolutions, Bridget is ready to take on the world or so she thinks. Only that the world is constantly becoming so much more difficult to handle. Be it her fluctuating weight, flirty cum cheating boss- boyfriend, Daniel Cleaver, her mother’s escapades or as in “The Edge of Reason”, her own, there is never a dull moment in Bridget’s life. Though she may not see it, her life after all does turn out to be quite alright what with her picture perfect boyfriend Darcy, who, like his namesake in Pride and Prejudice, is every woman’s dream come true. And so Bridget bungles through life.

What new can we expect in the third part? Well Helen Fielding says that her life has moved on and Bridget’s will too and the third in the series “represents a totally new phase in Bridget’s life. A statement from publishers said: Bridget is older, she is still keeping a diary, but she is also immersed in texting and experimenting with social media, with an emphasis on ‘social’! If I might hazard a guess, beneath this facade of change and moving on, it will still be our good old hapless Bridget traumatised by a world where Facebook and Twitter reign supreme. When she could land herself in impossible situations in the days gone by where we all lived in relative isolation, what she is capable of doing to herself when the entire world (including ex and current boyfriends; ex, current and probable bosses) are just a flick of a finger away, I cannot wait to find out. And for those of you who are as restless to meet the older and wiser Bridget, I leave you with an excerpt released by the Publisher-


“Wednesday 24 October 2012

11.27 p.m. Just presss d SEND. Iss fineisn’t it?

You see, this is the trouble with the modern world. If it was the days of letter-writing, I would never even have started to find his address, a pen, a piece of paper, an envelope, a stamp, and gone outside at 11.30p.m. to find a postbox. A text is gone at the brush of a fingertip, like a nuclear bomb or exocet missile.




Oh boy oh boy!! Have I missed you Bridget!!