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     Hindustan Times e-Paper - Hindustan Times (Chandigarh) - 28 Jul 2013 - Page #64

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.”

So said the famous Bard. I could borrow from him and say- “some are born beauty bloggers, some become beauty bloggers and some, like me, have beauty blogging thrust upon them”. So it was, that out of all the things that I write about, it was my beauty related posts that caught the attention of HT and here I am featured in HT Brunch!  In a manner of speaking, the tag of a “beauty blogger” has been thrust upon me.( http://www.hindustantimes.com/Punjab/Chunk-HT-UI-PunjabSectionPage-Brunch/Cosmetic-connect/SP-Article1-1098635.aspx)

Honestly, I never did think of myself as a beauty blogger. I write about whatever catches my fancy- books, movies, Chandigarh, Grey’s Anatomy (;-0) , women’s issues, Chetan Bhagat (my pet peeve….aaargh!) and yes, beauty related products. These beauty posts are not “reviews” in the narrow sense of the word- I do not pick up something (and am not given anything by a company) thinking that I will write about it. On the contrary, I write only about things that I picked up for personal use and found them helping me in my perennial battles with bad skin/ hair etc etc- problems that plague every woman. The reason you will not find bad reviews of a product is simply that if a product did not work for me, I will not waste more time on it by writing about it. Unless of course it is a product with a lot of hype, in which case, I will voice my opinion. I am not obsessed with make up as most beauty bloggers say they are, I do not try something for a week-10 days and review it and today, after years of dabbling with various chemical laden products, I veer more towards natural and Ayurvedic products.

Will I write only about beauty products hereafter? Nah. As before, I’ll write about whatever catches my fancy – be it Chetan Bhagat and his inane uttering or a book I’ve read or a movie I’ve seen or some peculiarity of City Beautiful or something that ails women today ( section called “Last of the Bra Burners”) or Grey’s Anatomy. However, I will try to write more about beauty products and hope that my newfound wisdom does help someone, somewhere. If any woman is happier with her recalcitrant hair or irksome skin because of one of my posts, I’ll be so very glad. If, reading my blog, any woman can say, “Damn everyone. I’m happy with my imperfections and my life. I have made my peace with everything” I will be delirious. And if one of those women is me (yes, I still am struggling), all this effort would have been so worth it.

So let me add the first line of this famous quote from Shakespeare, “Be not afraid of greatness” and thank all and sundry who have made me what I am and move ahead with a spring in my step and song on my lips and embrace all that life has in store, including beauty blogging!