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Sharing some thoughts on calming the “monkey mind” and bringing it around to meditation…

Traveller Unknown

          —Meditation means withdrawing your mind from worldly distractions and to bring it onto Lord . You can do so by focussing your mind on a sound ( Naam/ Mantra),image (Form), light,breath,a given spot on your body,and /or a host of other choices and combinations .Sitting at a secluded place ,closing your eyes,(and ears,if one so likes),is helpful . Slowly one brings the wandering mind on  to  the chosen  image/ sound/ symbol .Mind wanders because that is its nature . But without getting unnecessarily perturbed  by this phenomena,again and again it is slowly brought back to the point of meditation. With practice one can hold on to the object of meditation for longer and longer duration .

— Since all Forms of Lord and His Formless aspect refer to One and the same Reality , there is no contradiction between any type of Meditation . One can use and combine…

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