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So this, “heaven in your hair” may be somewhat of an exaggeration for many but that is exactly how I felt after I smelt it…DIVINE!! Had it not been for this gorgeous smell, I may not have picked it up. After all, it’s meant for “African American or curly hair” and mine are neither. They are wavy and dry but nowhere near what R & B is apparently intended for. The smell however bowled me over. Besides the SA said that I could skip the conditioner and use a little bit of R & B instead on towel-dried hair, which I realised later, is what I should have done. Instead, I would do the whole conditioning routine and then apply it in place of a serum, and that too in generous amount…I love the fragrance so much. Result – hair that was totally weighed down. For the first time I understood what the term “heavy conditioner that weighs the hair down” meant. Moral of the story – use your sweet little head and listen to the SA- at times they do know what they are talking about!

Enough of my personal rant. Coming to the product, LUSH calls it  “An instant best-seller”. “Our easy-to-use hair finisher uses softening ingredients of organic avocado butter, oatmeal, olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil and candelilla wax because they are extremely effective for conditioning the hair and scalp. It works well with African American or curly hair because it conditions with a lot of moisture. And once you smell the seductive orange blossom and jasmine fragrance, your hair will truly get its groove back.”

  • “Dry no more: Supremely moisturizing ingredients make this an ideal solution for dry hair.
  • Vegan music: Cupuacu butter softens hair and retains moisture, a fantastic vegan alternative to lanolin.
  • Work out for out-of-condition hair: Our bay leaf infusion is stimulating, toning and works wonders on dry hair.”

                         DSC07522C ...1  It comes in trademark LUSH black tub and has a very thick pudding type consistency. A very small amount is needed, about the size of a coin. Rub it between your hands that make it a bit thin and thus easier to work through towel-dried hair. If your hair is thick, you can section it and work this through. Whether you need a conditioner prior to this or this alone will suffice, you will have to figure out for yourself by trial and error. My hair is dry and wavy but unless they are going through a particularly dry and crazy phase, I can skip the conditioner and just use this on towel-dried hair.LUSH says that it can be used on dry hair as well- a little on the fingertips and work through the hair but LUSH recommends this kind of usage for Afro and very dry hair. For hair like mine, I prefer to use “Shine So Bright” for this purpose, as and when needed. Ordinarily R & B is enough for me.

For a quick recap- The PROS first –

  • Great for dry hair- a what is called HG product, to use beauty talk lingo.
  • Fabulous fragrance. However, as with all LUSH products, it’s better to decide on this for yourself…one man’s meat can be another’s poison.
  • Natural ingredients. LUSH, however, has always got a mixed response regarding their claim of being natural due to presence of synthetics in their products including the much debated SLS in some products. Though they call it “safe synthetics” but it has irked quite a few. Whatever you may decide, there is no doubt that their products are great and in any case contain WAY less chemicals than ordinary brands. But it’s often been said about LUSH, you either hate it or love it, for whatever reason! Entirely your call!!
  • Cruelty free – though some animals tortured doesn’t seem to bother most people sadly.

Now the CONS

  • Expensive – I picked up the 100 gram tub for Rs 1460/- some months ago but LUSH is notorious for hiking prices so very often. A little however goes a long way and if you compare with other products for controlling dry, frizzy hair, say Kerastase Elixir Ultime, it’s a good, even a better deal.
  • May not be easy to procure. LUSH has just one store up North in Select City Walk, New Delhi. Though the products are available on line at lushindia.com, but very often many things are out of stock. Earlier sites like Urban Touch stocked their products but no so anymore. Flipkart has 1 or 2 odd products at times and so does 365gorgeous. But not the complete range.