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Charity Pot Samabhava

          This is another reason I like LUSH- their charitable doings, well to the extent possible at least. LUSH India has launched a hand and body lotion, the entire sale proceeds of  which (except taxes) go to charity. Given below is a press release from LUSH India. Sadly I won’t get to lay my hands on it, there being no LUSH outlet in Chandigarh. I can’t comment on how good or not so good the product is, but can urge all the LUSHIES our there to give it a shot- not only do you hopefully get a great product ( LUSH products have seldom let me down) but you also feel good about doing a little bit towards animal welfare. For those of you who don’t know, LUSH is a cruelty free brand- yet another YAY for LUSH!! I do wish more brands would follow LUSH’s footsteps and do something towards promoting a good cause. 

Hyderabad – Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics are launching a new product from which they will not make a single penny in profit instead they are absorbing all of the production costs and giving the whole lot to charity (except the taxes).


This luxurious hand and body lotion is made with fairly traded cocoa butter and almond oil to leave skin soft and smooth. Beautifully healing and cleansing essential oils, such as geranium oil and tagetes oil, are blended together with ylang ylang to not only nourish the skin, but to also leave it smelling divine. It’s worth every penny.

 Speaking of which, every penny that you pay for it (apart from the taxes that has to go to the Government) will go as charity towards their beneficiary, Samabhava.

Samabhava is a Non-Government and Non-Profit Organisation based on the principle that animals have the same basic needs and desires as human beings, so they deserve health and respect equal to human-beings. We believe that we as well as our planet can be a much better place without using animals for food, clothing and experimentation.

Says Sangeeta Kamath, Director, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, “Lush is founded on the principle of making products that are fresh and natural, with minimal or no packaging and no animal testing.  Lush is kind to the environment, animals and our customers, and now we want to do even more, to be proactive in helping those who fight against animal abuse, climate change, and environmental degradation.”


For more details about Samabhava: http://www.samabhava.org/samabhava/e_letter.html

To pick up these and many more ethical, cruelty free cosmetics visit Lush shops nationwide.   

For shop details and mail order, please call +91-9945546610, or order on-line at www.lushindia.com